11 Awesome Benefits of Learning to Play an Instrument

Are you thinking of learning to play an instrument? You shouldn’t have to think about it for too long; playing an instrument has a ton of awesome benefits. The only thing it can do is enrich your life; just take a look at these 11 awesome benefits and see what you think!

1.Develop a New Skill

Playing an instrument means that you develop a new skill. It’s always useful to have skills, and the best thing about them is that they often help in other aspects of our lives too!

2. Find a New Hobby to Enjoy

Struggling for a hobby? Don’t want to sit in front of the TV for hours on end? Playing an instrument could be your new hobby.

3. Write Your Own Songs

Always wondered what it would be like to pen your own hits? Now you can! You don’t need to have the best singing ability, just sit down with your instrument and see what you come up with. You could be the next Rachmaninov if you take piano lessons in London!

4. Perform for Fun

Why not perform for fun in front of your family and friends? This could be a great party trick when you’re on vacation, at a celebration, or even just relaxing and talking.


Picture – Robin

5. Play Along to Your Favourite Songs

You’ve probably got a few favourite songs that inspired you to play an instrument in the first place. Now you can play along to them!

6. Improve Your Memory

Science has done it’s thing and proven that people who play instruments have a greater memory capacity than those who don’t. If you want to improve your brain function and remember things better, learn an instrument. This could be something you thank yourself for right into old age.

7. Improve Co-ordination

It goes without saying that learning an instrument can improve our coordination. Almost all instruments require you to do something specific with each hand to make the desired sound.

8. Improve Social Skills

Playing an instrument can help you to improve your social skills, as a whole new world of opportunities opens up for you. You could join a band, an orchestra, or simply socialise with other people who play instruments.

9. Teaches Discipline

You must be disciplined to learn an instrument, as they take time and effort. You’ll be more disciplined with everything you encounter afterwards as a result. Trying to cut out chocolate after Christmas? No problem in comparison to learning the guitar!

10. Promotes Happiness and Achievement

Learning an instrument promotes happiness and achievement every time you learn a new chord or song. It can give real purpose to your life.

11. Relieves Stress

Finally, playing an instrument can be considered therapy. It helps to relieve stress, and it’s even used with special needs children to calm them and give them happy feelings.

Well, are you convinced yet? The sooner you begin learning, the sooner you can show off your new skill. Good luck – you can do it!


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