3 Ways Technology Is Revolutionizing Music

Music and technology go hand in hand. You could say music is the product of technology. Even the most rudimentary instruments had to be developed somehow. This relationship runs deep, even today. Over the last hundred years, we’ve seen music change and evolve through the power of technology. We take it for granted though, so maybe we need a little reminder.


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How We Listen To Music

Back when The Beatles started making recording in stereo popular, there had already been some technological innovations that changed how we listen to music. Think about it. Listening to music without the musician in the room had to come from somewhere. Technology is what brought us that amazing innovation.

The Gramophone is one of the early devices used for listening to music. Even before that though, there were devices capable of playing music and sound recorded on a wax cylinder. From these cylinders to records, the media on which we store music has been constantly changing.

From records, we went to cassettes. From cassettes, we went to CDs. From CDs, we went to digital purchases. Even from there we’re now moving towards streaming music.

How we buy, music has changed too. Physical media is now steadily being overtaken by the digital revolution. After that? Who knows.

How We Play Music

Some instruments have remained untouched and unchanged for centuries. With the advent of digital technology came a new sound, however. Electronic instruments have been a mainstay of music for over 50 years.

Instruments like the Yamaha p115 are electronic instruments that have changed how we play music. While it may look like a simple piano, in reality it can have a whole host of synthesized instrument sounds. One instrument is no longer just one instrument.

Even going back into the very early 20th century, the advent of speaks and amps changed music forever. The electric guitar was the great musical innovation of the age. We could never imagine music without an electric guitar now.

How We Consume Music

Centuries ago you had to go and see the musician live to hear their music. When recording media became a reality, you could now listen to their music at a distance. In today’s age, there are so many ways to enjoy music.

You can stream a whole album through a music site. You can watch a recorded concert on your tablet through a digital download. While traditions like going to see a band live will never die, music consumption has changed and evolved.

Even down to how we learn music, music has changed with the technological revolutions. It used to be you had to find an instructor or a tutor to teach you an instrument. While there have been self-taught musicians in the past, they always seemed to have enough natural talent to figure it out alone.

Self-taught musicians in this age have so many resources. Online guides and videos make it easy for them.

The future of music is bright, all because of technology and how it changes.


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