Iphone tips

Iphones  were made with their users in mind and are a very technical and well made. The ability to download all different kinds of apps with ease means users can tailor their own phones to suit all their needs. There is literally an app for everyone, making this set up one of the best. Just a few years ago, mobile phones came with standard features meaning the most you could customise was your ring tone and wall paper (back ground). Now you can literally See your phone up to how you want it to work!.

Iphones like any other hi tech device these days rely on the operating system to run efficiently, so by always making sure you have the latest firmware, software etc is very important. Most technology providers these days are always releasing updates to make their users experience better, whether that’s a simple update, security update or an ad on. It also gives you peace of mind when you make an update because most devices also back up your phone at the same time.

One of the most common problems with any devices these days is water damage! You might not think it but its very common for people to drop their phones in puddles, down the toilet or where ever else there is water! After All people are on their phones all the time these days. In most cases phones never seem to function properly again after even the slightest water damage, but sometimes you can get lucky. Here are some tips to protect your phone. Use a wrist strap where possible so its tethered to your wrist! Then if you drop it, it isn’t going to go very far!. Another way is to use a good water proof case, so if you do drop it, its protected from water entering the main circuit boards. If you do get water in your device, dry it off with kitchen roll as much as you can then cover the phone FULLY in dry rice, then put it in your airing cupboard for a few days. The rice will draw out the moisture and hopefully your phone will be back to normal. *FINGERS CROSSED*

The most important part of your iphone or any other smart phone has got to be the screen! After All it controls everything, from the touch pad to the display, if it breaks your smart phone isn’t very smart no more. That’s why its so important to choosing the correct phone case to protect it. If you do break the screen, in most cases they can be fixed (if you don’t have any insurance) at your local phone store.

So how smart are smart phones? Well based on you can use them as a compass, calendar, do all your emails and even watch television on them, is say very smart. As Ive already said there is an app for everything! The cameras on these phones are also unreal quality, in some cases even giving digital cameras a run for their money, and with large in built storage devices kind of makes them a excellent replacement for a camera.

I hope you have a little bit of a better insight into smart phones.

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