What Are The Main Parts In Your TV?

Everyone loves watching television during their spare time at home. We all have our favourite films and shows that keep us occupied in the evening. However, most people have little knowledge about how their TV works. Considering that, we’ve listed some of the main parts and components on this page. We sincerely hope the information helps you to learn more about one of the most important pieces of tech in your life.

Almost every television contains some form of a tuner. Up until the late 1970s, most of them were manually operated. However, the latest lines of TVs now have tuners that operate digitally. The tuner allows your TV to identify signals sent from different stations and convert them into a format you can view.

When TVs were still big and bulky, they used a cathode ray system to display images on your screen. However, flat screens use different technology. Plasma television sets use a gas that lights up when an electrical charge is run through the system. LED televisions beam light through liquid crystals.

Most television sets now use loudspeakers to produce audio. The speakers join an electric signal with two magnets that create vibrations. Those vibrations are produced in a cone that creates sound waves.

Now you know a little more about the main parts and components in your TV, we hope you better appreciate the workmanship that goes into every design. Technology is breaking new boundaries every single day. So, who knows how your television will work in the future?


Infographic By AV Installs

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