Musicians: Make Some Sweet Music With These Handy iPad Apps

Have you ever noticed how musicians use Apple products when they need to use technology? The reason is simple. Products like the Apple MacBook Pro are reliable and efficient. Sure, Windows-based systems are cheaper and, in some cases, easier to use. But, they aren’t always efficient at managing memory.

The Mac operating system is actually built on a variant of UNIX. It’s a proven enterprise OS that still gets used today. Of course, cost is an issue with some musicians, and so they turn to the Apple iPad tablet instead.

The iPad might be a small and sleek little gadget. But, it’s quite powerful and has a plethora of features that meet the needs of most musicians. Apple iPads run on iOS, a lightweight version of the Mac operating system, OS X.


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If you’re an iPad-owning musician, this blog post is for you. Why? Because you’ll find out which apps you should be using to better create and manage your music!

You might not think it, but app development has come a long way in recent years. iPads are as powerful as many modern PCs and Macs, believe it or not. Today’s apps can take advantage of features like CPU multi-threading. Anyway, without further ado, please check out these brilliant app examples:


Here is an app that has been something of a game-changer in recent years. GarageBand comes with all new iPads as standard. It’s a powerful app that allows you to manage your recordings. Plus, you can use a variety of virtual instruments on it.

What’s more, one can also add special effects and loops to their existing tracks. The result? You can create amazing tracks with just a small tablet device! You can also buy gadgets that allow you to plug things like instruments and amps into your iPad.

GarageBand is perfect for aspiring musicians that can’t afford a shiny new Fender guitar. Or an elegant Yamaha grand piano!


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So you’ve made some sweet music with your iPad. That’s great! But, how will you get that music out to the world? Sure, you enjoy making music. But you’d also love for other people to enjoy your creations too.

In the past, the old-school method would be to upload music tracks to sites like YouTube. These days, there are plenty of dedicated music-sharing sites. One such example is SoundCloud.

All you need to do is create an account on their site. You can then upload your digital music files and share them with the world. It’s also easy to embed SoundCloud tunes in Web pages or social media profiles too. There’s no denying that it’s an essential resource for new and seasoned musicians alike.

Guitar Tuna

I’m afraid this isn’t an app that will convert your trusty acoustic guitar into a tuna sandwich. If you’re hungry, you need to make your food the old-fashioned way I’m afraid!


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Food aside, what Guitar Tuna does is help you keep your stringed instruments in tune. Despite the name, Guitar Tuna works with a variety of instruments. Apart from guitars, you can also use the app with other instruments like:

  • Banjos;
  • Ukuleles;
  • Mandolins;
  • Cellos; and more!

Thanks for reading today’s blog post. I hope it’s been of use to you!



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